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The study initiated by Izmir Commodity Exchange (ITB), the pioneer of firsts, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Manisa Viticulture Research Institute has yielded its first fruit. The grape variety named “Borsakarası” was included in the National Variety list.

In 2019, the first products were taken as a result of the technical studies initiated between Manisa Viticulture Research Institute Directorate and Izmir Commodity Exchange to develop a grape variety to be named by the ITB. On Wednesday, 16 August 2023, the “Borsakarası” grape was introduced at a ceremony held in the production vineyards of Manisa Viticulture Research Institute Directorate.

The participants of the event were İlhan Zincircioğlu, Treasurer of the Board of Directors of Izmir Commodity Exchange, Akay Ünal, Director of Manisa Viticulture Research Institute Directorate, Engin Olgunca, Murat Şenay, Assembly Members of Izmir Commodity Exchange, Dr. Pınar Nacak, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Commodity Exchange, technical team of both institutions and producers.

İlhan Zincircioğlu

İlhan Zincircioğlu, Treasurer Member of the Board of Directors of Izmir Commodity Exchange, underlined that the ITB is an organisation that directs the trade of agriculture and agricultural products not only in our province and region but also throughout the country with its projects and activities supporting agricultural products and production.

“Türkiye is the country that directs the world trade in seedless raisins, which is one of the important products in the quotation of our Exchange, and determines the reference prices, and the institution is Izmir Commodity Exchange. Manisa Viticulture Research Institute, which we are in constant contact with and even see as a sister institution in relation to seedless raisins, has not withheld its technical support from us in many projects we have carried out related to grapes until today. We would like to thank them especially in this regard,” Zincircioğlu said.

Zincircioğlu also stated that they will endeavour to carry out the necessary works and promotions for the variety, which is thought to be appreciated by both the sector and the consumers considering its characteristics, to take its place in the markets and bazaars in the near future.

“I wish ‘Borsakarası’ to be beneficial to the sector which is going through a difficult season and also wish a prosperous and profitable year to the all grape industry,” Zincircioğlu added…

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