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Press release…

Dried fruit exports to China increased by 21 percent…

Almost all of our dried fruit sector is of great importance for the economy and foreign trade of our country and our region with its structure based on domestic inputs.

Our dried fruits come to the fore within the framework of increasing consumer awareness and the demand for healthy food all over the world.

In 2019, our industry reached an export figure exceeding 1.4 billion dollars, seedless raisins ranked first with an amount of 523 million dollars, dried apricot exports were 253 million dollars, dried fig exports were recorded as 236 million dollars.

Dry fruits and products exports reached 1.4 billion dollars in 2020 in general across Turkey. 477.150 tonnes of dried fruit were exported to 162 countries. The European Union countries and the USA stand out in our exports.

Among our leading markets in dried fruit exports in 2020; Germany ranks first with 202 million dollars, the United Kingdom is second with 188 million dollars, Italy third with 101 million dollars, France fourth with 93 million dollars and the USA fifth with 92 million dollars.

In 2020 we had raisin exports amounted to 466 million dollars, 266 million dollars with a 5 percent increase in dried apricots, 236 million dollars dried figs, 119 million dollars of pistachios, the other dried fruits with 41 percent rise to 84 million dollars, 66 million dollars almonds, with 30 percent rising to 50 million dollars in other roasted fruits, 42 million dollars in pine nuts with 46 percent increase, 22 percent increase in 32 million dollars in walnuts, 16 million dollars in chickpeas with a rise of 4 percent, 10 million dollars in apricots and seeds, 8 million dollars in dried apples with an increase of 5 percent and lastly 2 million dollars of dried plum with an increase of 29 percent.

Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association exported 846 million dollars worth of products to 106 countries in 2020.

Top 5 countries in our exports from the Aegean in 2020; The United Kingdom with 171 million, Germany with 116 million, Italy with 73 million, the Netherlands with 61 million and the USA with 44 million dollars.

As the Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Association, which realizes more than 60 percent of our country’s dried fruit exports, we work in cooperation with all institutions / organizations in the value chain, carry out both scientific and promotional projects, closely follow all developments with a proactive approach and we inform our producers.

Birol Celep,

Chairman of the Aegean Drided Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association

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