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Press release…

Aegean Dried Fruit and Products Exporters’ Association Chairperson Birol Celep said that dried fig exports were made to 112 countries, with an increase of 11 percent, amounting to 263 million dollars.

Birol Celep

Celep said, “We exported 139 million dollars to European countries with a rise of 11 percent, 50 million dollars to American countries with an increase of 6 percent and 29 million dollars to Asian and Oceania countries with an increase of 16 percent.”

Pointing out that in dried figs they made an export to Germany worth 37 million dollars, France 36 million dollars and the USA 34 million dollars, Celep explained, “These are among the countries to which we export the most. We aim to export 300 million dollars in dried figs by the end of the year. We will reach an export of 1 billion 800 million dollars in 2022 and 2 billion dollars in 2023 in dried fruits and products.”

“In 2021, pistachio exports are 209 million dollars, other dried fruits are 80 million dollars, other roasted fruits are 56 million dollars, almonds are 63 million dollars, pine nut exports are 42 million dollars, walnuts are 33 million dollars, apricot and apricot kernels are 17 million dollars, roasted chickpeas are 17 million, dried apples are 9 million and dried plums were 2 million dollars,” Celep added…

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