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Local authorities have applied to the Guinness World Records to get a seven-floor building in the shape of a tea glass in the Black Sea province of Rize, known as “the capital of Turkish tea,” to be registered as the “the biggest tea glass.”

“It will be a source of pride for us to get a building to enter the Guinness records,” Mehmet Erdoğan, the head of Rize Commodity Exchange, told Demirören News Agency on Oct. 10.

Mehmet Erdoğan

Locals are also proud of the building named “Tea Mall.”

“If Paris has the Eiffel Tower, here we have the tea glass,” Salih Can Keskin, a local getting a selfie with the Tea Mall said.

Tea Mall, constructed by the local commodity exchange, will be a Turkish tea promotion center when it will open to public. There will be tea cafes, a tea museum, a 13D cinema-hall airing movies about tea and an observatory terrace at the 30-meter-high building.

“We designed the mall in the shape of the slim tea glass, which exists in our culture,” said Erdoğan, adding, “The building will enrich the province’s tourism.”

According to Erdoğan, officials from the Guinness Records Book will visit the province to check the mall and the result will be announced in April or May 2022.


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