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Turkish Coffee to be Promoted in New York Times Square on World Coffee Day

In order to make the name of Turkish coffee known to the world, the documentary “Beginning: Turkish Coffee Stories from Anatolia”, prepared in cooperation with Arzum Okka and Turkish Coffee Lady Foundation and by Karen Yapım, founded by Selen Almaç Deniz, will be broadcast in New York Times Square. The documentary, which will be launched at the Washington Embassy Residence with an invitational event on December 1, will be launched with the launch and promotional activities at the Thompson Reuters Building in Times Square on December 5 and an invitational launch will be held at the Turkish House in New York on December 7.

Selen Almaç Deniz

Karen Production, which stands out with the concept of documentary films sensitive to the society and founded by Selen Almaç Deniz, reveals how Turkish coffee, the first coffee in history, changed the world 5 centuries ago, according to Arzum’s statement, with the documentary “The Beginning: Anatolian Turkish Coffee Stories”. It conveys interesting stories of coffee cultures that have been the scene for centuries.

The documentary, which created great excitement with its screening at New York Times Square on December 5 and the invitational launches on December 1 and December 7, aims to play an active role in the promotion of Turkish coffee in collaboration with Arzum Okka and Turkish Coffee Lady Foundation.

Karen Production, which focuses on shooting documentaries to revive the values ​​that have a very important place in our culture, has previously mirrored folk poets and the journey of the saz with her feature film ‘The Dervish from the Tree’. Produced by Selen Almaç Deniz and being the second documentary film shot by Karen Yapım, the film is preparing to go on a world tour for its first promotion after the Times Square screening on December 5, World Turkish Coffee Day.

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