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Istanbul Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association’s (İSHİB) ‘Successful Exporters Award Ceremony’ for the years of 2017, 2018 and 2019 was held online on December 28.

SBS Scientific Bio Solutions Inc. (BEE’O Propolis) has achieved a new success by entering the top 10 in the list of successful honey exporters in all three years.

İSHİB awarded the exporter companies in the Turkish fisheries and animal products sector, taking into account the export figures recorded by the Association in 2017, 2018 and 2019. The ceremony in which companies having the highest export figures declared, was carried out online with the support and participation of the Ministry of Trade and Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM).

The companies with the highest export figures in 6 categories as Honey, Meat Products, Milk and Dairy Products, Egg, White Meat and Fisheries were announced at the ceremony. According to honey export figures in the honey sector, BEE’O Propolis has been in the top 10 list in three years.

“We export to 14 countries”

BEE’O Propolis General Manager and Food Engineer (MSc.) Aslı Elif Tanuğur Samancı made the following statement regarding the award they received: “We have been working diligently to make Anatolian bee products a world brand since 2013. We export to 14 different countries with our BEE & YOU brand. In addition to raw honey, we produce products in the form of 100% natural mixtures, tablets, drops, sprays, syrups and cosmetics with high added value, with preserved natural nutrient content and biological activities, including propolis, royal jelly, pollen, bee bread and also bee products.”

Raw honey

“We export to America, South Korea, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, England, France, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Greece and Saudi Arabia and we are taking firm steps towards making Anatolian propolis a world brand. Thanks to these awards, we take more confident steps towards our journey to explain the value of Anatolian bee products to the world,” she added…

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