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68 percent of seafood exports come from the Aegean…

Bedri Girit, Chairperson of Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, said that they are proud of being the Association that exports the most in 2021, with an amount of 1 billion 320 million dollars.

Bedri Girit Haberleri - Son Dakika Bedri Girit Hakkında Güncel Haber ve  Bilgiler

Girit said, “We take pride for having the highest export figure among 7 agricultural association within the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EİB).”

Girit also drew attention to the fact that they are the first sector in Turkey with a 40 percent contribution to the export of fisheries and animal products.

Sharing the information that Turkiye’s aquaculture exports amounted to 1 billion 401 million dollars in 2021, Girit added, “As the Aegean Region, we contributed 953 million dollars to the export of fisheries products. We made 68 percent of the country’s exports from the Aegean Region. While our poultry meat exports amounted to 178 million dollars, we exported 77 million dollars of eggs and 64 million dollars of dairy products. Our honey export reached to 10.5 million dollars.”

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