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Bedri Girit, Chairperson of the Aegean Fishery and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, said that as the fishery and animal products sector, they offer three meals a day to humanity in healthy foods that meet the body’s protein needs and emphasized that they have turned this situation into an advantage.

Bedri Girit

Reminding that the aquaculture and animal products sector reached its export target of 2.5 billion dollars for 2023 by the end of 2020 and increased its 2023 target to 3.5 billion dollars, Girit said, “Eggs, honey and dairy products for breakfast, chicken for lunch and dinner for dinner. We offer the fish option. That’s why we were less affected by the pandemic process than other sectors. We have the potential to carry our exports, which was 2 billion 450 million dollars in 2020, to 3 billion 250 million dollars by the end of 2021. We believe that with the rise in exports we will realize in 2022 and 2023, we will easily achieve the 3.5 billion dollars export target that we set for the end of 2023.”

Billions of people in 152 countries preferred…

Expressing that healthy, protein-rich aquatic products, poultry meat, eggs, dairy products and honey products were preferred by billions of people in 152 countries in the January-August period of 2021, Girit concluded his words as follows: “Turkey supplies fisheries and animal products to 152 countries. While exporting, Iraq maintained its top position with 334 million dollars. While the aquaculture and animal products sector exported 71 million dollars to the Russian Federation in the January-August period of 2020, it boosted the exports to 196 million dollars with a record increase of 175 percent in the eight-month period of 2021. Italy took the third step of the list with 108 million dollars of exports.”

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