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China, the new owner of the summit in Turkish dairy exports

The Turkish dairy industry carried has China to the top of the list of countries to which it exports the most, with exports of $ 9.3 million in the January – February period of 2021. The industry received its export visa to China in 2020.

Bedri Girit, Chairman of the Board of Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, stated that they anticipate the export success of $ 9.3 million they achieved in the first two months of 2021 will continue throughout the year.

As a result of the works carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Turkish dairy exporters entered the market quickly after the obstacle to the export of milk and dairy products to China was lifted in May last year.

According to data from Turkey’s Aegean Exporters’ Association (EİB), in May 2020-December period, exports of Turkish dairy products to China reached $ 14.6 million.

Exporters who want to be permanent in this country increased their market share through promotional activities and mutual cooperation. Exports to China in the January-February period of 2021 were recorded as $ 9.3 million. In the meantime whey ranked first in exports to China with $ 8.3 million.

Turkish products took their place on the shelves…

Bedri Girit, Chairman of the Board of Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, said that 54 of our companies in the dairy industry got permission to export to China and the export started rapidly.

Drawing attention to the fact that China is one of the largest consumers in the world, Girit said, “At first, we started with milk powder. We were sending it to the industrial part. Whey is also in the first place in our exports to this country. However, with the success of Turkish companies, we are now on the shelves. We can reach to the end consumer.”

Indicating that Aegean companies are very successful in the market and a company in the region exports mozzarella cheese to China, Girit noted that they want companies to get a greater share from the market with products with high added value.

“In our previous statements, we said that we want to be permanent in the Chinese market. As we are permanent, our share in the market is gradually increasing. It is important for us, albeit a small amount, when we look at China’s $ 6 billion dairy product import. We foresee that it will continue throughout the year. In the long term, we want to multiply these numbers. We believe that our milk producers will breathe thanks to the Chinese market,” Girit added.

Dairy products export was 301 million dollars…

“Turkey’s exports of dairy products, while 301 million dollars in 2020, Iraq with the export amount of $ 61 million had taken the first place. Turkey, Saudi Arabia imported dairy products from Turkey amounted to $ 42 million, United Arab Emirates imported $ 22 million worth of dairy products and followed the first two. China ranked 7th in the list with an import of $ 14.5 million.

But in January – February period of this year, Turkey’s exports of dairy products increased by 26 percent and went up to 41.2 million dollars from 32.8 million dollars. While China was the new owner of the summit with an amount of 9.3 million dollars, Iraq preferred Turkish dairy products worth 7.1 million dollars. Export of our dairy products to the United Arab Emirates was 3.4 million dollars in this period,” Girit concluded…

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