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Press release…

Ankara – 18 June 2020 – Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB) Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar, stating that during the combating process with Covid-19, farmers had to wait the transactions of Farmers Registry System (ÇKS) and said, “ÇKS application period should be extended which supposed to be ended by 30 June.”

Indicating that the number of farmers who applied for ÇKS in 2019 was about 2.1 million, Bayraktar said that the number remained at 1.2 million this year. Emphasizing that the registration of the ÇKS is essential for the farmers to benefit from the supports that contribute to their agricultural activities, Bayraktar noted:

“As always, our farmers, who devotedly continued to work in the field during the process of coronavirus, did not leave our tables empty while fighting the epidemic. Our farmers, who remained in the field and continued production, had to postpone the ÇKS procedures due to the coronavirus outbreak. So before the application ends, the application period should be extended by taking into consideration the risk of contamination caused by the density that may be experienced.”

Producers who do not have ÇKS cannot benefit from the supports…

Bayraktar reminded that producers who do not apply for ÇKS cannot benefit from the support given to farmers, especially diesel oil, fertilizer, fodder crops and premium applications. Pointing out that the producers who do not apply for ÇKS cannot use low interest loans, cannot provide products to institutions such as TMO (Turkish Grain Board) and cannot apply to agricultural insurance, Bayraktar added, “In order for our farmers to benefit from any possible natural disasters, they have to make their ÇKS records so as to postpone their loan debts or to benefit from any kind of agricultural supports to be made after the disaster.”

Bayraktar concluded that the applications of ÇKS can be made to Agriculture and Forestry Provincial / District Directorates together with the documents required for registration until the end of working hours on Tuesday, June 30.

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