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Rector of Bayburt University Dr. Selçuk Coşkun said that Bayburt honey, which has proved to have a unique consistency, brightness, aroma and nutritional values, differs from other honeys.

100 hives distributed to beekeepers who attended the vocational course…

Stating that they have established Beekeeping Research and Application Centre, Dr. Coşkun said, “We have realized some projects with the establishment of this centre. One of them was supported by the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP). After these courses, we distributed around 80-100 beehives.”

Bayburt honey is different from other varieties…

Explaining that university teachers started to analyze honey varieties in the region, Dr. Coşkun continued as follows:

“As a result of this analysis, it has been concluded that the honey in Bayburt (a northeastern province of Turkey) has a very high quality and even better than some ambitious brands and they found that there are features that distinguish Bayburt honey from other ones.”

Dr. Coşkun noted that they applied to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Institution (TPE) to obtain a geographical indication and after about a year of follow-up, they received the geographical indication as Bayburt University and that the honey of Bayburt has been registered.

Flora in this geography is highly rich and various…

Emphasizing that they embraced the issue as a university, Dr. Coşkun added:

“The common opinion of our geographers, both our friends who work on plants and our friends who work on organic farming is that Bayburt’s geography is composed of very organic soils compared to other regions, so that the flora in this geography is very diverse. As a result we embraced this event as a university. Hopefully we will grow it further.”


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