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Özkan Taşpınar, president of the National Grain Council, told daily Hürriyet that Türkiye’s barley production will be around 8.1 million tonnes this year, while its need is 8.5 million tonnes.

“I think the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) decided to import to complete the consumption amount,” he said.

“Corn, barley and fodder wheat can be substituted for each other as animal feed. The TMO acts in line with all these needs. The fact that there is an import does not mean that the barley in the hands of the producer will become cheaper because the prices have already settled.”

Taşpınar added that the TMO has already increased its purchases from local producers.

“While the TMO bought 2 to 2.5 million tonnes of wheat in the past years, this year its purchases exceeded 5 million tonnes. Likewise, it bought around 1.2 million tons of barley instead of 500,000,” he said.

“We estimate that they have made high purchases this year due to possible price increases, maintaining flour and feed support considering possible war conditions until the new harvest,” he added…

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