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“Pandemic once again demonstrated the importance of our social role”

Barilla, one of the global food leaders, has published 2019 business and sustainability results. Barilla, which achieved a growth of more than 3 percent in the world compared to last year, announced its turnover as 3.63 billion Euros. Barilla, which has invested 176 million Euros in the field of technology and R&D last year, has announced its important works on the well-being of the planet and society in its 2019 sustainability report titled “Good for you, Good for the Planet”.

Carrying out its activities with the mission of “Good for you, Good for the Planet”, Barilla announced its business and sustainability results for 2019.

Barilla, including Bolu factory in Turkey, with its products worldwide in a total of 28 plants in more than 100 countries reaches to millions of tables every day.

Food leader Barilla continues to reduce its environmental impact while retains its global growth.

Stating that Barilla is working to fulfill its important duty without compromising quality and safety standards with the responsibility of meeting the high food demand and meeting people with the food they need, due to the coronavirus, Barilla Group Vice President Paolo Barilla said, “Coronavirus pandemic, once again demonstrated the importance of the social role of food producers. As always, our mission of ‘Good for you, Good for the Planet’ has become our guide in the pandemic process.”

In the light of Barilla’s mission, Paolo Barilla mentioned the activities they carried out last year; “In this modern age we are in, people have developed a number of systems to protect and heal their presence on the planet and to fight hunger and disease. However, even though these systems have advanced us in many ways, they have endangered our health and the future of our planet. As Barilla, we continued to take sustainable steps in 2019 to overcome these dangers and to lead the positive change on our planet.”

Barilla, which carries out its production activities with the principle of “You will not produce anything that you will not feed your children,” by its founder Pietro Barilla, disclosed its financial and market results in 2019 sustainability report titled “Good for you, Good for the Planet”.

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