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In Aegean province of Manisa, the world-famous Sultana seedless grapes started to be laid on the drying areas in the plains after the harvest.

In the plains where the excitement of the harvest is experienced, the producer expects a price of 16.5 liras per kilogram for raisins.

Sultana raisin

Aydoğan Okur, Chairperson of the Saruhanlı District Chamber of Agriculture, where grapes are produced on 35 thousand decares of 110 thousand decares of agricultural land, said, “In the capital of grapes, Manisa, the grape harvest began in Saruhanlı district in 2021. We experienced a frost event this year. According to the damage announced by TARSİM (State owned agricultural insurance company), there is a yield reduction of 40 percent. This saddens us, but the advanced level of TARSİM members in our district relieved our farmers.”

“I call out to our producers from here. The harvest period is an active period. Our farmers should pay attention as much as possible. There is a loss of yield in our district this year compared to previous years. I hope our government supports us on grape prices. As the chambers of agriculture, we want the price of raisins to be 16.5 liras per kilogram. Because our input costs are very high, our farmers are having a hard time. We expect support from our the government in terms of prices,” Aydoğan Okur added…

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