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Australia uproots millions of grape vines due to overproduction!

The worldwide decline in wine consumption has had a particularly negative impact on Australia, as demand for its largest product, cheap red wines, has fallen sharply.

In Australia, millions of vines are being uprooted because of overproduction, which is depressing grape prices and threatening the livelihoods of winemakers.

Andrew Calabria

According to the latest figures, Australia, the world’s fifth-largest wine exporter, had more than two billion litres or about two years’ worth of production, in storage in mid-2023, some of which was spoiling as owners rushed to dispose of it at all costs.

“It feels like the end of an era,” said Andrew Calabria, third-generation vineyard owner and winemaker at Calabria Wines. It’s hard for growers to look out the back window and see a pile of dirt instead of vines that have been there as long as they know how,” says Andrew Calabria, third vineyard owner and winemaker at Calabria Wines.

Australian red wine

Red wine has suffered the most. In regions such as Griffith, wine grape prices fell by an average of 200 dollars a tonne last year to their lowest level in years, according to industry body Wine Australia.

With prices forecast to fall again this year, the government says it recognises the significant challenges facing growers and is committed to supporting the industry, but many growers say it can do more…

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