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The Chairman of the Board of DKİB (Eastern Black Sea Exorters’ Association), Saffet Kalyoncu, said that the interest in Turkish honey is pleasing.

Stating that Turkey attracts attention especially with its rich flora and endemic plant diversity, Kalyoncu said:

“We have an important potential in terms of honey export, but like the other countries that have a say in this issue, we are not sufficient to make branded products and varieties. That’s why higher foreign currency input cannot be obtained in exports due to insufficiency.”

Kalyoncu explained, “It is necessary to work on turning the produced honey in our country into branded and small, appealing quality packaged products according to the flower types and characteristics. If honey types are developed, where each honey type includes health-related features, it will be ensured that honey exports can reach much higher levels that of today, while natural product consumption and health care are already at the forefront.”

Kalyoncu added that works also should be done to turn royal jelly, pollen and propolis, which are products of beekeeping, other than honey, into a brand.

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