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Apricot prices have skyrocketed…

Ramazan Özcan, Chairman of Malatya Commodity Exchange, said that a hundred percent spike in dried apricot prices was due to the low yield in the last three years. Özcan, however, stated that with the burning of the apricot in Central Asia, which feeds the Chinese and Russian markets, the consumers turned to Malatya apricots.

Ramazan Özcan

Özcan said, “That is why Malatya apricot is popular abroad.”

In Malatya province, known as the world apricot capital, the export figures of October 2021 and the first 10 months have been announced. In the first 10 months of 2021, 72 thousand 484 tons of dried apricots were exported to 115 countries from the region and 263 million 270 thousand dollars were obtained, while in October, 37 million 753 thousand dollars were obtained in return for 8 thousand 897 tons of dried apricot exports.

Özcan added that although there was a partial decrease in exports, especially in October, there was a significant increase as well in income.

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