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Application for farmer registration system (frs) ends on june 30…

Union of Turkish Chambers of Agriculture (UTCA) Chairman Şemsi Bayraktar announced that applications of Farmer Registration System (FRS), would be ended on June 30, 2019…

Bayraktar said, “I’d like to remind that in the framework of regulations, farmers should apply as soon as possible not to wait for the last day in order not to be victimized.”

Şemsi Bayraktar stated that despite the fact that there are 23 million 200 thousand hectares of agricultural land that can be registered with FRS across the country, the area where FRS registration was registered in 2018 was limited to only 15 million 162 thousand hectares.

“In 2018, 8 million 38 thousand hectares of land remained outside the FRS although agriculture was possible. This figure is 4.5 times the size of the Dutch agricultural area of ​​1 million 837 thousand hectares. Registration of FRS of agricultural areas is essential for our farmers to benefit from the supports that contribute to the continuation of their agricultural activities. It is also very important to solve the problems that prevent the registration of FRS for various reasons even though agriculture is carried out” he also noted.

Producers who don’t have FRS cannot benefit from supports…

Bayraktar emphasized that the producers who did not apply for FRS, could not benefit from the supports given especially during the year such as diesel oil, chemical fertilizer, certified seed, forage crops and premium applications. “Besides they cannot use low interest loans, cannot give products to institutions such as TMO (Soil Crops Office) and also cannot apply for agricultural insurance. In order to benefit from the support they need to register the FRS” he concluded…


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