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In four international competitions, which are accepted as the Olympics of the olive oil sector, Antikas received 4 medals. Thus, Antikas has received 14 awards in the last two years.

Antikas Olive Oil returned with gold medals from all four of the world’s most prestigious top 4 olive oil competitions.

In 2021, Antikas first won a silver medal at the London IOOC and then two gold medals at the Anatolian IOOC. Not satisfied with the awards, Antikas won Best in Class at Anatolian IOOC, Special Mesopotamia Award at Anatolian IOOC and two gold medals in 2022. Antikas, which also received one gold medal each from EVO Italy Competition and London IOOC, became the winner of Anatolian IOOC 2023 and then the winner of the blend category of Italy Evo Competition this year.


Ertuğrul Özcan

Ertuğrul Özcan, Founder of Antikas Olive Oil, said: “It is proud to have the name of Antikas written in such important competitions, which are the most prestigious in the world, shaping the sector with international juries and intense participation.”

Reminding that they were deemed worthy of the gold medal in London IOOC with their limited olive oil produced from centuries-old Ayvalık trees, Özcan added, “We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success we achieved with our quality production-quality product understanding that we carry out decisively.”

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