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Governor Ersin Yazıcı stated that 83 percent of Turkey’s avocado production is carried out in Antalya province.

According to the statement made by the Governor’s Office, Yazıcı attended the Avocado Workshop held at the Western Mediterranean Agricultural Research Institute (BATEM).

Ersin Yazıcı Kimdir? - Ersin Yazıcı Hayatı ve Biyografisi
Ersin Yazıcı

Yazıcı, in his speech at the workshop, emphasized that Antalya’s agricultural success will be carried even higher with the work done.

Noting that Antalya is an agricultural province, Yazıcı said, “Antalya is actually a greenhouse production centre It is a leader in agriculture in many fields, as well as in terms of production variety and quantity.”

Indicating that avocado is a fruit rich in vitamins and minerals, Governor Yazıcı added:

“Antalya meets 68 percent of our country’s avocado production area and 83 percent of the production amount. While 252 tonnes of production was made on an area of ​​590 decares in Antalya in 2004, the production area increased 13 times to 8 thousand 572 decares according to TURKSTAT (TÜİK) figures for 2020. Its production also increased by 18 times and reached 4 thousand 930 tonnes. We must carry this position further with the workshop we will hold.”

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