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As efforts aiming to curb food waste in each stage of food processing, from farms and fields to the table, continue unceasingly, Turkiye’s Agriculture Ministry has published a guideline on the fight against food waste at food outlets.

The guide states that an aisle discount may be applied to fruits and vegetables that arouse drawbacks about purchasing by the customers.

Noting that accelerating food sales in markets were the first preferred strategy, the guideline said: “Aisle discounts applied to packaged foods with a short expiration date and fruit and vegetable products that cause drawbacks about purchasing by the customer also ensure that the food meets the consumer without wastage.”

“Ensure that the products that are still consumable, whose expiry date is approaching, are offered for sale at discounted prices. To increase the sales of products with short shelf lives, apply dynamic pricing strategies to these products as well,” the guideline added.

The paper also suggests that products that cannot be sold with a discount be given free of charge to those in need.

“Grocery stores have extra-volume cabinets and areas for products they donate free of charge. Those in need can procure food from here, or food donations may be made through associations and foundations, so it prevents food waste,” it noted.

Stressing that the annual food waste per capita in Turkiye was 93 kilograms, the guide underlined that 15,000 liters of water are consumed for the production of 1 kilogram of red meat, and 214 liters of water for the production of 1 kilogram of tomatoes.

Emphasizing that foods that are not suitable for consumption in terms of human health can be used as animal feed in farms or shelters, it also noted that no food whose expiration date has passed or whose cold chain has been broken cannot be included in the production of animal feed.

The guide pointed out that these products can be used as biodiesel fuel.

Turkey wastes nearly 2 million tons of food every year, according to data from the country’s Scientific and Technological Research Council (TÜBITAK), despite the government’s “Save Your Food” campaign to curb food waste in 2020.

The amount of wasted fruits and vegetables is worth $1.9 billion.

According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one-third of all food produced globally is either lost or wasted, amounting to about 1.3 billion tons per year.

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