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“Don’t Forget Us” call from olive producers!

The agricultural premium support in the olive sector, where record yields are expected this season, was disappointing once again. In the agricultural supports announced by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, there was no hike in olive and olive oil premium support. Akhisar Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board Alper Alhat said, “We do not want to say that we have been forgotten, but that is how we understand this situation as producers.”

The Decision on 2022 Agricultural Supports, which the farmers are looking forward to, entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette. Contrary to expectations, there was no increase in olive and olive oil premium supports.

Alper Alhat

While the premium support for olive oil was 7 cents in 2011, it had risen by only 13 kurush to 20 kurush by 2020. There was no increase in the premium support, which was escaletec to 80 kurush in 2020, last year. The olive oil producers, who were crushed by the very high input costs, expected a serious hike in the premium support this year, but their hopes were in vain. There was no change in grain olives either. The premium for table olives, which started to be given for the first time as 15 kurush 4 years ago, was left as 15 kurush without any increase.

Akhisar Commodity Exchange Chairman of the Board Alper Alhat said that this situation creates the perception of “forgotten” in olive and olive oil producers. Alhat explained, “The olive oil support payment started 20 years ago as 40 kurush. At today’s exchange rate, it’s about 7.5 liras. The announced 80 kurush premium does not even make 5 kurush. In olive, premium support was 15 kurush 4 years ago and it still is. In Greece, which is said to be in a very difficult situation, while paid 10 times more support, this picture caused disappointment in our farmer, who worked hard and increased production.”

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