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Türkiye, which is the leading country in Europe and the fourth country in the world in terms of geothermal resource richness, can be the world leader by far if it turns this natural wealth into more added value with integrated utilisation.

Ali Kındap

Ali Kındap, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Geothermal Energy Association (JED), pointed out that Türkiye, which has a geothermal utilisation of 5 thousand Megawatts (MW) in energy production, residential heating, greenhouse cultivation and tourism, has a discovered resource potential of 62 thousand (MW) and said, “The inexhaustible oil of Anatolian geography is geothermal. Of course, we are happy that new oil deposits are found in some provinces and regions of our country. We need to experience the same joy, even more, for the sustainable and clean geothermal resources that are put into use.”

JED Chair Ali Kındap reminded that the drilling companies based in the country , thanks to the experience gained from the acceleration in geothermal energy investments between 2010-2020, have made many investments not only in Türkiye but also in different geographies of the world.


“Anatolia is a marvellous geography that has been integrated with geothermal richness for thousands of years, inhabited by people who have settled in places where geothermal resources emerge, warmed by that resource, and healed by that resource. Anatolia is a geothermal paradise. The oil of these lands is geothermal. If we move the geothermal resources of Anatolia, which has more than 1,500 natural geothermal resource exit points, to the point of serving the common welfare of our nation, we can move our fourth place in the world ranking to the leadership by far,” Kındap added.

Geothermal greenhouse

“The Turkish geothermal sector is ready to be a part of this grand vision with its investors, engineering know-how, human resources and financing power. Today, we see Turkish drilling companies establishing turnkey geothermal power plants in a wide geography from Europe to Africa and the Far East. Unquestionably, geothermal has an important place among the most fundamental energy sources that will contribute to the realisation of the ‘2053 Net Zero Emission’ vision put forward by our government,” Kındap concluded…

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