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Ali Çandır: We started to export registered wheat to Middle East market

Registered wheat exports to the Middle East market…

Three wheat varieties specific to Antalya, named ‘Koç’, ‘Perge’ and ‘Seki’, were developed and registered. Among the first and only registered wheat of the city, ‘Koç’, which is suitable for growing on the coast, was harvested and 1000 tonnes were exported to the Middle East market.

Ali Çandır

Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) and Western Mediterranean Agricultural Research Centre (BATEM) initiated a special study for the places where wheat can be produced in the city. Within the scope of the ‘Antalya is Looking for its Wheat’ project, 3 wheat varieties named ‘Koç’, ‘Seki’ and ‘Perge’ were first developed by BATEM engineers in 2016.
The wheat varieties, which were sown and tested and developed according to the feedback from the producers, became the first registered wheat of Antalya province. While other varieties yielded 250 kilograms in 1 decare area, the registered wheat varieties yielded 900 kilograms in 1 decare area.


ATB President Ali Çandır said that they set out to produce bread and durum wheat for the producers and that they achieved satisfactory results and added that the 3 species we obtained were registered by BATEM.

Dr. Abdullah Ünlü

“While we used to obtain 250-300 kilograms of product per decare before, we obtained about 900 kilograms here. We have also started to export. This variety is suitable for cultivation in both highland and coastal conditions. Moreover, we learned that this variety is popular in Middle Eastern countries with the same climatic conditions as us. 1000 tonnes of seeds were exported,” Çandır said.

BATEM Director Dr. Abdullah Ünlü also said that wheat is a strategic product that can be grown anywhere in Türkiye. Stating that they concentrated on ‘Koç’, ‘Perge’ and ‘Seki’ in the production stage, Ünlü noted, “We have ensured its export abroad.”

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