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Ahmet Tiryakioğlu: Chocolate production costs are challenging!

Press release…

Soaring cocoa prices on the agenda of chocolate exporters…

Turkish Food Exporters made evaluations on cocoa prices, which reached a historical peak by exceeding 10,000 dollars per tonne due to factors such as climate change and drought.

Ahmet Tiryakioğlu

Pointing out that the export of chocolate and cocoa-containing food preparations has a 7 percent share in the exports of cereals, pulses, oilseeds and products, which amounted to 12.4 billion dollars in 2023, Ahmet Tiryakioğlu, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Products Sector Board, evaluated the rise in cocoa prices and said, “According to TURKSTAT data, the size of our total cocoa imports, which exceeded 211 thousand tonnes last year, reached 672 million dollars. At the end of this raw material inflow, which also covers the need for domestic consumption, our chocolate and cocoa product exports in 2023 was 860 million dollars. As we are in almost every field of food, our companies have a competitive structure that serves a very wide geography in chocolate.”

“On the other hand, a basic feature of our international customer profile is their high price sensitivity. In an environment where the price of a kilo of cocoa reaches 10 dollars, chocolate production costs are challenging,” he added…

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