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It is very important to keep fasting in Ramadan without reducing body resistance and keeping fit. Doctors emphasize that keeping the immune system strong at every opportunity, especially in the days when we have a Coronavirus outbreak. In order to keep our immune system strong and not risk our health while fasting, we need to choose foods that are high in nutrients and keep full throughout the day.

Expressing that the miracle of nature unadulterated pure raw honey can be used both in the sahur and iftar, Honey Gourmet Ahmet Bağran Aksoy said, “Eating honey with yoghurt could be a better option instead of pastry desserts in iftar (the evening meal during Ramadan). In Turkey, a large part of people consume breakfast items in sahur (pre-dawn meal). But eating instead of artificially sweetened breakfast products in sahur, honey will facilitate digestion of stomach transition to relieving sleep throughout the day and will reduce the sensation of thirst.”

In the case of prolonged hunger during Ramadan, experts argue that foods which increase blood sugar in a balanced way should be consumed while energizing to protect health and not lose weight control.

Describing that honey used to be eaten so as to spend a comfortable Ramadan, Aksoy underlined that pure raw honey could be consumed with peace of mind both in iftar and sahur. Pointing out that artificial sugar products harm the metabolism, Aksoy explained how to consume honey while fasting.

“Pastry desserts should not be preferred but honey yoghurt!”

Reminding that a wide variety of tables were set up during Ramadan, Aksoy drew attention to the desserts consumed after iftar and suggested light snacks prepared with honey instead of these desserts. Suggesting natural honey that has not been pasteurized, Aksoy shared the following information: “The real miracle of nature, raw honey and yoghurt with honey, yoghurt prevents stomach pains especially in Ramadan with its regulatory role in the digestive system. With this dessert to be prepared in a simple way, the sweet desire of the body is met in the most natural way by avoiding refined sugar. You can prepare a dessert with three tablespoons of yogurt and 2 teaspoons of honey. This sweet will be much lighter than dough desserts. Our doctors underline that sherbet desserts taken on food cause stomach problems at every opportunity.”

“Honey eaten in the sahur gives energy all day long”

Adding that it would be beneficial to consume honey in sahur, Aksoy concluded that before starting the sahur meal, drinking a teaspoon of honey by mixing it with water will both prepare the stomach for food and the stomach will be strengthened thanks to the antioxidants taken.

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