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Award-winning contest for young people who have an idea for a project in the field of agriculture from the İzmir Commodity Exchange: ‘Agriculture Rises With Young People’ is organized for the fifth time…

İzmir Commodity Exchange (İTB) is organizing an idea contest for the fifth time this year, “Agriculture Rises With Young People” in order to support young people who want to work in the field of agriculture.

With the competition, it is aimed to develop contemporary agricultural practices in order to increase sustainability and competitiveness in agriculture.

In addition, so as to strengthen the relationship of young people with the agricultural sector, it is aimed to encourage young people to produce ideas that will create innovation in the agricultural field and ensure the integration of agriculture with different fields of work.

Under four separate headings;

Applications for the contest opened on; “Crop and Animal Production”, “Agricultural Marketing and Branding”, “Informatics and Technology in Agriculture” and “Rural Development and Women” will be accepted until December 18, 2020.

Işınsu Kestelli, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of İzmir Commodity Exchange, drew attention to the vital role of agriculture in the path of sustainable and inclusive growth and said, “Keeping young people in the agriculture and livestock sector is a huge issue that we need to solve. As İzmir Commodity Exchange, which has been serving İzmir and the country’s economy for 129 years, we are an institution that has adopted the principle of working in the light of universal values ​​in all areas we operate. We believe that success is not the result of coincidence, but the product of consistent work. Based on this, we aim to reveal creative ideas by supporting young people who want to work in the field of agriculture with our ‘Agriculture Rises With Young People Project Idea Competition’, which we will organize for the fifth time this year.

“As İzmir Commodity Exchange, acting with the understanding of ‘From Tradition to the Future’, we always stand by our young people on this path,” she added.

Candidates who want to participate in the competition can access detailed information on www.itb.org.tr and by calling 0232 481 10 65-10.

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