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“About one-tenth of the world’s population, 811 million people, are malnourished or starving”
“Our actions are our future. Better production, better nutrition, a better environment and a better life”
“Input costs, especially fertilizer, electricity, irrigation, medicine, diesel and feed, should be reduced urgently in order to ensure the sustainability of production and efficiency”
“If no measures are taken, Turkey’s water resources will dry up rapidly, food security will be endangered and our people will have difficulty in reaching food.”

Ankara- 16.10.2021- Şemsi Bayraktar, President of the Union of Turkish Agricultural Chambers (TZOB), in his written statement on the occasion of the 16 October World Food Day, said that every year, World Food Day is held on 16 October and founding anniversary of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, established on 16 October 1945, is being celebrated”.

Bayraktar said, “Various events are held in more than 150 countries on World Food Day, which is one of the days in the United Nations calendar and celebrated all over the world. These events aim to accelerate efforts to end hunger by raising awareness of people who are starving around the world, and to promote food security and healthy eating for all.”

“Political stability, industrial stability, fair nutrition in society”

Bayraktar explained, “It is necessary to produce and implement consistent policies in order to produce a permanent solution to food inflation. For this, first of all, we have to understand the classical rhetoric of ‘from farm to fork’. In short, we have to fully analyze the components of food and agricultural products from the process before the seed meets the soil. Is it enough? Of course, it is not enough.”

“We have to know very well which component and food product is included in the long road from the producer to the consumer in the ongoing process. If the right policies are the guide of this path, the results will be for the benefit of all of us. It is not correct to charge the bill of food inflation neither only to the agricultural sector nor to any other sector alone,” Bayraktar added.

“The pandemic period we are in has reminded us once again how important it is to eat healthy. In fact, this is a fact that should never be forgotten. Without the agricultural sector, we cannot produce the food we consume on our three-course meals. For this reason, those who govern the country should always look at the agricultural sector with positive discrimination and opportunities should be offered under these conditions. The problems of the agricultural sector should be resolved, the necessary investments should be made and the existing supports should be increased,” Bayraktar concluded…

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