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8 billion 78 million dollars export from Aegean Exporters Associations (EİB) in 8 months.

Aegean Exporters’ Association, in January-August period, made export to 214 points, including free zones and brought 8 billion 78 million dollars in Turkey.

EİB Coordinator Jak Eskinazi said that despite the negative picture in global trade, the Aegean Exporters’ Associations managed to increase their exports to 92 countries in the period from January to August.

Eskinazi said, “Top 10 countries to which most exports are made; Germany with $ 897 million, the USA with $ 591 million, the UK with $ 488 million, Spain with $ 407 million, the Netherlands with $ 402 million, Italy with $ 439 million, France with $ 333 million, Russia with $ 219 million, Israel with $ 209 million, China with $ 182 million. While 4 billion 489 million dollars were exported to European Union member countries in January-August 2019, this figure was 4 billion 122 million dollars in the same period of 2020.”

Eskinazi noted, “The EU’s share in the total exports of EIB was recorded as 51.03 percent. 1 billion 119 million dollars to the Middle Eastern countries, 830 million dollars to the Americas, 654 million dollars to African countries, 560 million dollars to Asian countries, 427 million dollars to the former Eastern Bloc countries, 140 million dollars to the Free Zones, 123 million dollars to the Turkic Republics, 102 million dollars to other European countries.”

Stating that it can be understood from these figures that the effects of the pandemic has been limited in their region, Eskinazi added, “Turkey’s exports reached 12.6 percent in the first 8 months, there was a 6.4 percent contraction in the EIB’s total exports. We will see even higher figures in the remaining four months of the year.”

Pointing out that in the first 8 months, their trade with African countries, the fourth most exported group of countries on value basis, has increased by 13 percent, Eskinazi explained, “Increases were 221 percent with Madagascar, 212 percent with Mali, 157 percent with Congo and Ivory Coast, 129 percent with Zambia, 87 percent with Djibouti, 56 percent with Somalia and 39 percent with Ethiopia. Apart from this, other noteworthy export increases; Haiti with 691 percent, Myanmar with 103 percent, Syria with 81 percent, Oman with 64 percent, Philippines with 59 percent, Libya with 42 percent.”

“Economic indicators such as exports, production index and PMI index in both agriculture and industry sectors show that our sectors are recovering rapidly. Supply chains in various industries have begun to restructure. It is possible that multinational companies may move their production facilities from China to other geographies. The world is looking for a new alternative. Everyone has seen the risks and difficulties of trusting one country. High quality product range, manpower, production base, its position as a gateway between East and West, Turkey come to the fore in terms of logistical advantages,” Eskinazi concluded.

Finally while making evaluations about the global economy, Jak Eskinazi thinks that even in the most optimistic picture, the recovery throughout the world after the pandemic might take 1.5-2 years.

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