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Aegean Exporters’ Associations’ (EIB) exports in August were recorded as 1 billion 522 million dollars. In August 2022, EIB’s exports, which reached 1 billion 531 million dollars in August, decreased by 0.5 per cent.

While the members of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations exported 12 billion 179 million dollars in the first eight months of 2023, they ramped up their exports from 18 billion 122 million dollars to 18 billion 289 million dollars with an increase of 1 percent in the last one-year period.

Non-wood forest products

EIB members, who increased their exports of agricultural products from 552.8 million dollars to 575.9 million dollars with an increase of 4 per cent in August, put forward an export performance of 847 million dollars in the export of industrial products and 99.7 million dollars in the mining sector in August.

Fishery and animal products

Aquaculture and animal products summit partner…

Aegean Aquaculture and Animal Products Exporters’ Association, which is the locomotive of the aquaculture sector, recorded 137.8 million dollars of exports in August and continued to follow the Aegean Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association.

Exports of fresh fruits, vegetables and products reached 107 million…

Aegean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association (EYMSİB) showed a successful graph in exports in August and increased its exports by 8 per cent from 99 million dollars to 106.8 million dollars. EYMSİB’s exports for the last 1 year increased by 8 per cent to 1 billion 317 million dollars.

Dried fruits
Fresh fruit, vegetable and products

The exports of the Aegean Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association (EHBYİB), whose export figures have declined in recent months due to the congestion in poppy seed exports to India, recovered in August. EHBYİB, which revealed an export performance of 80 million dollars in August 2022, achieved 88 million dollars in foreign currency income with an export increase of 9 per cent in August 2022.

The Aegean Tobacco Exporters’ Association, one of Türkiye’s traditional exporter sectors, chalked up 79 million dollars of exports. It is one step closer to its annual export target of 1 billion dollars.

Cereals, Pulses and products

Dried fruit exports surged by 17 per cent…

Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association, which entered the new season in dried apricots and sultanas and continued its preparations for the new season in dried figs, expanded its exports by 17 per cent from 58 million dollars to 68 million dollars.

Olive and olive oil

The Aegean Furniture, Paper and Forestry Products Exporters’ Association, which includes paper, furniture and non-wood forest products, exported 66 million dollars in August.

The Aegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters’ Association (EZZİB), which was shaken by the export ban imposed on bulk and barreled olive oil exports, managed to bring its exports from 19.8 million dollars to 28.4 million dollars with a hike of 43 percent, although it lost blood in the export growth rate in August…

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