“Exports will increase, price stability will occur in the domestic market”

Exports of pasta, bulghur and wheat semolina, including vermicelli, couscous, ravioli, noodles and instant/instant noodles, have been added to the list of goods subject to registered export. Sector representatives said that with the decision, exports in the pasta sector will increase and price stability will occur in the domestic market.

Evaluating the decision, Turkish Pasta Manufacturers’ Association (TMSD) Chairman of the Board Abdülkadir Külahçıoğlu said that the demand of the industry has been in this direction for a long time. That is to say, in certain regions of the world such as America, Africa, Syria and Iraq, pasta produced from soft wheat is preferred and demanded, Külahçıoğlu stated that there is a need and demand of the industry for this issue.

Noting that they have been discussing this issue with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Trade for a long time, Külahçıoğlu said, “Since we explained the issue with the right arguments, we reached a solution and the circular has been published as of today. The regions we have mentioned above are the regions that cover 80 percent of Turkey’s pasta export. Therefore, the front of the industry has been opened here. We could not compete with our competitors in these regions. Due to the competition, our exports were falling and since the demand of the market was in this direction, even if you gave it at an affordable price, it was not preferred because it was not suitable for the palate.”

“The decision that the industry has been waiting for years has been resolved”

Indicating that the downward trend in the markets where 100% soft wheat pasta is exported will stop and increase its influence in the markets, Külahçıoğlu stated that they expect the pasta industry to reach the 1 billion dollar export target as aimed by the pasta industry and to be permanent.

Another issue is that this situation was tied to the import condition first, Külahçıoğlu explained, “This was also a demanded one. Since the pasta industry will import the soft wheat required for export, TMO’s (Turkish Grain Board) imports will decrease, maybe even reset. The pasta industry previously had the right to export 30 percent soft wheat and 70 percent hard wheat to Africa. Therefore, the related sector could buy wheat from within. With this decision, the pasta industry’s interest in bread wheat will be completely cut off and a price stability will be created in the country.”

“This situation was included in the scope of DİR (Inward Processing Regime). Countries such as the Far East, Europe, the USA and Canada, which demand products made from hard wheat, which constitutes 20 percent of exports, will continue to demand products from 100 percent hard wheat in the same way. The published decision is not a negative, but a very positive one. The decision that the industry has been waiting for years has finally been resolved,” Külahçıoğlu added…

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