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A branding-based roadmap is essential for a more sustainable ‘Kars goose meat production’

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According to the findings of the survey, 47 percent of goose breeders access technical information from their family and close environment, while 11 percent access technical information from the internet. 71 percent of the breeders want to expand their existing goose flocks…

The Kars Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, in collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, organized a programme on Business Network Development and Gastronomy as part of the “Strengthening Goose Meat Production through Rural Tourism and Gastronomy” Project.

The event was attended by various sector representatives. During the meeting, Kars Governor and Deputy Mayor Ziya Polat pemphasized the need to not only focus on traditional goose meat production but also implement modern farming techniques, including fattening farms, hatcheries, slaughtering and processing facilities and packaging facilities.

He also stressed the importance of branding and marketing in order to enhance the competitiveness of the province. Governor Polat highlighted that the current goose breeding practices in Kars region are predominantly carried out by small family businesses using traditional methods. This unique approach sets the province apart from others and contributes to its competitiveness. However, he also noted that due to the seasonal nature of goose meat supply, there is a demand for traditionally processed goose meat outside the city, especially in tourism and restaurant businesses.

Ziya Polat

The findings of a survey conducted revealed that a significant portion of goose breeders (47 percent) seek technical information from their family and close environment, while only 11 percent rely on the internet for such information. Furthermore, 71 percent of the breeders expressed their desire to expand their existing goose flocks. In conclusion, establishing a branding-based roadmap is crucial for the sustainable development of Kars’ goose meat production.

This involves implementing modern farming techniques, improving processing and packaging facilities, and focusing on effective branding and marketing strategies. By doing so, the province can not only meet the demand for goose meat but also enhance its competitiveness in the sector.

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