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Held on April 22, Earth Day is an annual day that unites individuals focusing on protecting the planet by preventing disasters that are occurring more frequently due to climate change and environmental destruction, in other words “saving the world”

This Thursday, April 22, will be the world’s 51st Earth Day, an annual event held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Since 1970, the inauguration year of the annual Earth Day and celebration of the earth and its environment and the proliferation of information on the ways in which we can protect it, April 22 has been an important date serving as the launching day for a number of significant affirmative global events. One such event happened to be the commencing of the 2016 Paris Agreement, the international treaty on climate change.

Earth Day has since transformed into a day in which a wide variety of activities geared toward environmental protection ranging from conferences and panel discussions to global clean up events are organized via Earthday.org. The website is extremely informative and user-friendly and includes a global map denoting all events that will be held worldwide, online and otherwise. It serves as a portal for anyone who wants to host their own event and will provide information and access to the wide variety of events that have been organized worldwide for the day and involve approximately 1 billion people and nearly 200 different countries. Last year marked the 50th anniversary of the date’s launch and it was also celebrated with a variety of events held online. The digital tradition continues this year for many of the events and serves to break down the borders of location and accessibility by being open to anyone and everyone via the internet.


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