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Stating that dried figs are produced on more than 7 million trees in an area of 37 thousand hectares in Aydın province, Aydın Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Ahmet Öktem underlined that 31 percent of the dried fig production areas in Aydın are organic farming.

Sharing the knowledge that 65-70 thousand tonnes of dried figs are grown in Aydın region over the years, Ökdem said, “Aydın meets 85 percent of Türkiye’s dried fig production and 60 percent of the world. ‘Aydın Fig’ is also one of the 8 products of our country that have the EU geographical indication. The amount of dried figs prepared by exporting companies in 2022 and examined by our Provincial Directorate and allowed to export is 48 thousand 649 tonnes. There are 170 fig enterprises and 166 fig warehouses in our province. We provide quarantine services to our exporters with a total of 25 inspectors, 16 in the centre of Aydın, 5 in Nazilli, and 2 in each of our Sultanhisar and Söke districts.

“EKMMIB supports producers”

Ökdem explained that they organized many training meetings for the dried fig growers to produce quality products and that they reached thousands of farmers.

“We have distributed approximately 45 thousand fig saplings, 34 thousand 750 fig drying trays, 3,560 cover nets and 25 thousand sap beetle traps to our producers in the last 3 years with the support of the Aegean Dried Fruits and Products Exporters’ Association (EKMMIB). On behalf of our producers and the industry, I would like to thank the Chairpersons and Managers of the Aegean Exporters’ Associations (EIB) for their contribution and support to our farmers who produce figs that add flavour to our tables,” he added…

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