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Stating that honey yield will increase this year compared to last year, Mustafa Ünal, the President of Niğde Beekeepers Association, said, “I estimate that we will obtain approximately 750 tons of product this year.”

Indicating that bee products have great benefits for human health and strengthen the immune system, Mustafa Ünal recommended that consumers who want to increase their immune system against coronavirus consume bee products. Noting that pollen, propolis, honey and royal jelly have many benefits, Ünal explained that citizens have insufficient knowledge on this issue.

Pointing out that they used to throw bee propolis in trash, Ünal added, “But our ancestors used it in toothache. There are great studies now on propolis researched by the state. Not only propolis, but all products of bee are pollen, milk, poison, even the death of the bee. People have newly started to learn all these things.”

Bees have just started making honey…

Expressing that there will be an increase in honey yield this year compared to last year, Ünal continued as follows:

“Last year the honey yield was 550-600 tons, but if we add the honey produced by our beekeepers from the surrounding provinces, approximately 650-700 tons of honey yields were obtained. This year, our bees have just started making honey, due to the late spring and late blooms. I estimate that 750 tons of honey yield will be obtained. “

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