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250 European spice producers will meet in Bodrum, the worldwide known distict of Muğla

Noting that they will host the European Spice Association General Assembly in Bodrum on October 5-8, 2022 as two exporters’ associations under the roof of the EİB (Aegean Exporters’ Associations), Aegean Cereals, Pulses, Oilseeds and Products Exporters’ Association Chairperson Muhammet Öztürk said, “We will be hosting the General Assembly of the European Spice Association (ESA) after 12 years. We will host 250 business people who shape the spice industry across Europe in Turkiye. We believe that the business relations to be established in this organization will contribute to the increase in our export figures.”

Emphasizing that the leading products in the country’s spice exports are oregano (thyme) and laurel, Öztürk explained, “We earned 31 million dollars from oregano and 24.5 million dollars from bay leaf exports. Besides, we exported 5.1 million dollars sage, 4.8 million dollars cumin, 3.5 million dollars rosemary, 2.5 million dollars sumac, 2.3 million dollars licorice root, 1.5 million dollars anise and 1.1 million dollars black cumin.”

“While spices were exported to 144 countries from Turkiye in the January-June period of 2022, the first three countries were the United States, Germany and China. On the other hand while spice exports to the USA were 13 million 370 thousand dollars, Germany demanded 11 million 634 thousand dollars from Turkiye. Our spice exports to China were recorded as 10 million 122 thousand dollars,” he added.

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