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Thanks Day for Bees of Our Farmers’ Friends…

Based on how important the existence of bees is for the survival of the world, “World Bee Day”, which was accepted unanimously by 115 participating countries in the United Nations General Assembly, is celebrated for the third time this year.

Together with our farmers who did not stop production despite the Covid 19 epidemic, the bees are also working non-stop to survive in nature.

Of course, we know the importance of the presence of bees that colour the world with their contributions to pollination and our table with honey production. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget what should be considered in the beekeeping industry.

It is us, especially our farmers, who will protect the bees that contribute to the enrichment of our farmers’ products and their quality as a result of a good pollination.

The use of intensive chemicals in agricultural activities, insects, fungi, etc. , the unconscious use of drugs and the disposal of wastes of the chemicals used are natural causes that threaten the presence of bees. Likewise, every activity that we cause environmental pollution individually harms bees.

In this period when nature has a chance to breathe, our biodiversity and nature will be enriched thanks to bees, with our farmers being more conscious and supporting good agricultural practices.

In this process by supporting our domestic honey producers and the market of products obtained from beekeeping activities (pollen, propolis, bee bread, royal jelly, beeswax etc.), we can contribute to beekeeping activities and thank bees for the existence of them in our lives.

Happy World Bee Day of our producers, especially our colleagues who contribute to beekeeping activities.

H. Gökhan Özdemir

On behalf of Izmir Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons

Board of Directors


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